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SurveyAct's exclusive online survey tool is easy to use, and best of all - free to use!

​Whether you need to create a survey for potential customers, or need market research, use SurveyAct's free online survey creator to reach your target audience.



User Friendly Survey Editing
Our survey editor makes it easy to create multiple page surveys with lots of customizable options.

Question Types​
Choose from 20 different question types, such as multiple choice questions, matrix, and text fields.

    Customizable Themes
Spice up your survey with one of our beautiful and professional survey themes, or customize your own! 
Question & Answer Piping
Keep respondents engaged by using piping to insert previous responses into question text or answer choices.
    Advanced Page Jumping
Send respondents on a customized path through your survey with our advanced page jump feature.
    Sophisticated Reporting
Analyze your results in real time with easy-to-understand reports you can customize with filters.

Our Complete List of Survey Act Free Features


•  Unlimited Surveys
•  Unlimited Questions & Responses
•  Custom Form Builder
•  Multiple Page Surveys
•  Multiple Response Questions
•  Question Spell Check
•  Custom Fonts, Colors, Logos
•  16 Gorgeous Customizable Themes
•  Branded Surveys
•  19 Different Question Types
•  Randomize Response Choices
•  Customized Thank You Message
•  Customized Survey End URL Redirect
•  Advanced Page Jump Logic
•  Question & Answer Piping
•  Optional Progress Bar


•  Multiple Distribution Methods
•  Web Links
•  Social Media Distribution
•  E-mail Campaigns
•  E-mail Contact Groups
•  Unlimited E-mail Invitations
•  E-mail Subscription Surveys
•  Save Distribution Methods
•  Survey Embedding
•  Anonymous Responses


•  Dynamic results
•  Edit Results
•  Filter Results
•  Unlimited Reports
•  Customize Reports with Filters
•  Share Reports via URL
•  Multiple Parameter Filters
•  Cross Tab Analysis
•  Export & Download
•  Save Reports
•  Download Raw Data