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Multiple Parameter Filters

Sometimes you may want a single filter to include more than one Response Filter or Property Filter, or to include both a response and a property filter. You can easily add a 2nd filter parameter within the same filter by clicking on the New Response Filter or New Property Filter within the edit filter box. Once you have created two or more filters, select if you would like the responses to match either parameter (‘or’) or both parameters (‘and’), or create a custom combination of filters by pasting the answers and adding AND, OR, or NOT commands. Note, you must place an AND or OR before a NOT command.


EXAMPLE: I want to see respondents who answered in #1 that they are “Female” and do not own a “Car” in #2:


You can also use the custom combination of filters to exclude respondents that chose a specific response from the filter:


EXAMPLE: I want to see respondents who answered that they are “Female” in #1 and that own a “Car” in #2 or “House” in #3 or a “Motorcycle“ in #4:


You cannot apply two response filters for a single question with a single response and combine them with ‘AND’- the results will always be 0.

Combining Filters vs. Adding Multiple Individual Filters

How do you know if you should combine filters or add individual ones? If you combine filters, when you return to your report you will only be able to see the respondents who fit into the criteria you specified. However, if you add multiple individual filters, you can actually toggle each filter on and off and view the filters in different combinations.


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