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SurveyAct Help Center

Survey Results

You can view the results of your survey by clicking on the number of responses located in the dashboard, on the top right of your survey editor, or by clicking the Reports icon at the top right and then clicking Survey Results in the sidebar.

Survey Results

On the Survey Results page, each response is listed by the date and time that the survey was started and completed.  Also listed is the distribution method that the respondent used, the respondent’s IP address (optional), the URL link of the survey that the respondent clicked on, and the number of questions in the survey the respondent completed.

To view individual results, click on the ‘date started’ link. Each question will be listed with the responses below it.

Filtering Responses

You can view only responses that were submitted in a specific date range by entering the dates in the search field and hitting ‘Filter.’ You can also filter your responses by responses or properties. First, create your filter (see Filters). Then choose the filter from the drop down menu and click the search icon.

Editing Individual Responses

You can edit individual responses by clicking on the underlined question title. An ‘Edit Question’ box will pop up and allow you to select a different answer choice or type a different response into the comment box. Once you click save, the response will automatically be updated.

Deleting Responses

You can delete an individual response by clicking the delete ‘X’ button at the end of the row on the results page.

To clear all responses, click Distribute on the sidebar, then click on the Actions Drop Down menu next to the distribution method you used to collect responses. Choose Clear Responses.

Exporting Responses

See Exporting Survey Responses.


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