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About SurveyAct

SurveyAct is a powerful and completely free online survey tool whose mission is to provide every researcher with a simple way to unlock meaningful insights and make informed decisions.  Utilized by both small and large businesses, non-profit and government organizations, educators, students and more, SurveyAct’s user-friendly interface allows both inexperienced and experienced researchers to instantly create, distribute, collect and analyze advanced survey data.

Who We Are:

Frustrated by the lack of free, easy to use yet advanced survey tools, the SurveyAct team set out to create our own. SurveyAct was initially launched in 2007 and re-launched in 2013 with new and improved added features, enhanced usability, and increased support. 

Our headquarters are located in Cedarhurst, NY, where our team of programmers, customer support personnel and sales people work tirelessly to deliver the best possible products and services. Our site is hosted on Amazon servers to ensure enhanced security and consistent reliability.

Additional Information:

In addition to our online tool, we offer a variety of added services such as custom programming, theme design, panel purchasing, and survey creation.

SurveyAct is subsidiary company of StudyLogic, a leading global market research and business intelligence firm and a trusted partner among many Fortune 1000 companies.

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