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Industry Solutions


Modern businesses need the latest in cutting-edge survey technology to keep up with a fast paced world. SurveyAct can help any size business in any industry reach employees, customers, and potential customers quickly and easily.
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Non-Profit Organizations

Today’s economic climate is especially challenging to non-profit organizations. It is harder than ever to reach people and ask for their time, money and consideration. Surveys can be a valuable tool to help organizations gain the insights they need to more effectively target potential recipients, donors, and volunteers.
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From federal to local government offices, surveys can help officials proactively measure public opinion, gather reliable census data, or collect employee feedback. Budget-conscious agencies can use SurveyAct to save time and money by creating and distributing a free online survey, and then using our advanced analytic tools to gain valuable insights.
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The health care industry is a complex web of medical professionals, support staff, patients, and family members. Online surveys can help hospitals, clinics, insurance agents and pharmaceutical companies collect relevant and accurate data to enhance their products and services.

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Administrators, educators, and their students can benefit from SurveyAct’s free, easy to use survey tools.

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