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Whether your objective is to collect feedback from students on their instructors or course materials or to understand from faculty members which school programs and processes need improvement, creating an online education survey will do the trick! 

By utilizing SurveyAct’s free online survey tool, parents, students, teachers, professors and administrators can all instantly create, distribute, collect and analyze education survey data.  

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Instructor Feedback
SurveyAct makes it easy to survey your students and find out their opinions on your instructors, professors, teachers, and staff.
    Research Surveys
Students can use surveys to
collect research to support thesis papers, for market research classes, or to learn  about any subject from primary sources.
    Campus Surveys
There are lots of ways to use surveys on college campuses. Organize events, measure student satisfaction, collect feedback and more!
Course Evaluations
Administrators can create an evaluation survey to gather feedback from students & instructors on courses, curriculums, and more.
    Family Relationships
Understanding the family dynamic of a student can improve their educational experience. Use a survey to find out more about your students' home life.
    Extra Curricular Activities
Organizing extra-curricular activities can be simplified by using surveys to register participants, gauge interest, and collect feedback.