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From federal to local government offices, surveys can help officials proactively measure public opinion, gather reliable census data, or collect employee feedback. Budget-conscious agencies can use SurveyAct to save time and money by creating and distributing a free online survey, and then using our advanced analytic tools to gain valuable insights.

Rather than just hoping that local government offices are responding well to new procedures, or that the public actually enjoys the new recreation facility - find out what personnel and patrons really think. By creating a survey using SurveyAct's government survey software, you can get real-time responses concerning public opinion, employee appraisals and more.

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Government Survey Types Include:

Government Training Evaluations

Employee Appraisals

Program Assessment and Evaluations

Political Survey

Public Employment Data


Public Opinion

Census Data

Inter-Agency Communication

Veteran Affairs

Whether you need to create a simple survey for the government employees in your office,
or a city-wide survey, SurveyAct can help you today!