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Non-Profit Surveys

Today’s economic climate is especially challenging to non-profit organizations. It is harder than ever to reach people and ask for their time, money and consideration. Surveys can be a valuable tool to help organizations gain the insights they need to more effectively target potential recipients, donors, and volunteers.

Instead of hoping to target the right donors, volunteers, or recipients - ensure that you successfully obtain feedback from your intended respondet's by utilizing SurveyAct's non profit survey software.

Our easy-to-use online survey generator makes creating a survey seamless; we will guide you through every step of the way. Our team of professionals are here to help you create surveys that people answer, and provide you with real results that you can use!

Non-Profit Survey Types Include: 
Donor Behavior
Volunteer Satisfaction/Recruitment
Fundraiser Planning
Member Feedback
Recipient Satisfaction
Post-Event Evaluation

Our service is 100% free, so you can rest assured that you will acheive ROI with your surveys.