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Modern businesses need the latest in cutting-edge technology to keep up with a fast paced world. SurveyAct can help any sized business reach employees, customers and potential customers quickly and easily.Modern businesses need the latest in cutting-edge survey technology to keep up with a fast paced world. SurveyAct can help any size business in any industry reach employees, customers, and potential customers quickly and easily.

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Large corporations rarely come to face to face with their customers or clients, creating a tremendous gap in communication. SurveyAct solves this problem by providing reliable, insightful data that can help you understand your audience. Easily obtain answers to questions such as, “What is the public perception of our corporation?” and “How can we give back to our customers?”

Small Business

Running a small business involves juggling a nearly impossible number of tasks and responsibilities. SurveyAct can ease the burden and help grow your business by providing an easy and cost effective way to conduct market research. 

Customer Satisfaction

Today’s media savvy consumers are used to being heard, but not all businesses are listening. Online customer satisfaction surveys can provide a safe place for your customers to share their responses, opinions, and ideas, especially if they complete the survey in a comfortable place such as their office or at home. The internet provides anonymity and ease of use to help customers speak freely.

Human Resources

Satisfied employees are effective employees. SurveyAct’s user friendly survey tool will help you conduct training evaluations, measure employee satisfaction, or improve inter-organizational communication.


The media marketplace today is more crowded than ever. Give your viewers and readers a chance to provide feedback on your publications or production with SurveyAct’s easy to use survey tools.


When you sell your products or services online, you don’t get to speak to your customers one-on-one. Don’t miss out on the valuable feedback that your customers can provide; instead, follow up site visits or orders with a SurveyAct survey and stay ahead of the competition.

Tourism & Hospitality

Did visitors enjoy their stay? Was your staff friendly and helpful? With SurveyAct, you can gather valuable data to help you improve your services.

Marketing Agencies

When research is the first step of your marketing project, you know you will be providing your clients with the strategies they need to achieve results. 

Whether you need business satisfaction surveys or simple research for marketing, SurveyAct can help you today!