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Ratings Scale Matrix

Use this question type if you would like respondents to rate a list of items on a scale.

To Create this Question

  1. Enter the question in the ‘Question Text’ box. To go to the next line, press shift+enter. To change the formatting of your question, see Rich Text Editor.
  2. In the box labeled ‘Answer Choices,’ type or paste the response headings (one response per line) that you would like to appear on the left side of the matrix. If you only want to have one row without a label, simply make a space in the Answer Choices box.
  3. Label each column. Each column is automatically assigned weight which is used to calculate the ratings average, but you can assign your own weights if you wish (For more about weights, see Understanding your Reports).
  4. Choose your optional settings from the right hand side of the question editor
  5. To add the question to your survey, click Save     

Optional Settings

  • You can change the number of columns that will appear on your ratings scale by choosing from the ‘Column Count’ drop down. You may have up to 16 columns.
  • Add an N/A Column Heading
  • Change the Sort Type
  • Add Comment Field
  • Require Answer to Question
  • Change Question Size & Placement
  • Upload Images

Common Answer Choices for Rating Scale Matrix Questions

Here are some common answer choices that you can copy and paste into the editor while creating your questions.

Very Unsatisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Extremely Satisfied

Extremely Important
Very Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important

Extremely frequently
Very frequently
Moderately frequently
Slightly frequently
Not at all frequently

Above Average
Below Average

Not at all likely
Slightly likely
Moderately likely
Very likely
Completely likely

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree

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