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Demographic Form

Use this question type if you would like respondents to choose their demographic information from a list of predetermined options.

To Create this Question

  1. Enter the question heading in the ‘Question Text’ box. To go to the next line, press shift+enter. To change the formatting of your question, see Rich Text Editor.
  2. The default demographic options are Gender, Age, Household Income, Race, Standard Education, Occupation, Employment, Marital Status, and Residence. You can change the options by typing over the existing texts. You can also make some invisible, and choose whether each field should be required or not. Standard demographic responses will automatically be included in your survey. 
  3. Choose your optional settings from the right hand side of the question editor
  4. To add the question to your survey, click Save

Optional Settings

  • Show or Hide individual fields
  • Require Answer to Question
  • Change Question Size & Placement


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