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Numerical Text Boxes

Use this question type if you would like respondents to enter numerical responses to your questions.    

To Create this Question

  1. Enter the question in the ‘Question Text’ box. To go to the next line, press shift+enter. To change the formatting of your question, see Rich Text Editor.
  2. Enter the response labels in the ‘Input Box Choices’ field.  The number of response labels will indicate the number of text boxes.
  3. Choose your optional settings from the right hand side of the question editor
  4. To add the question to your survey, click Save

Optional Settings

  • Display an error message if non-numerical text is entered. The default text is ‘Please enter a positive number,’ but you can change this message by typing over the existing text.
  • Check the box next to ‘Require a Fixed Sum’ to require that all the boxes add up to a certain number. The default sum is 100 but you can change it by typing your own number in the box. An error message will display if a respondent does not enter numbers that sum up correctly. The default error message is “The choices need to add up to 100,” but you can write your own message by typing into the box.
  • Change the Sort Type
  • Require Answer to Question
  • Change Question Size & Placement

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