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Optional Question Settings

Add Comment Field

Check the box next to ‘Add Comment Field’ to create an input text box at the bottom of your list of answers. The default label for the comment field is ‘other (please specify)’, but you can change this by simply typing over the existing text.

The comment field will remain at the bottom of your answer choices even if you choose to sort your answers randomly or alphabetically.

Require Answer to Question

Check the box next to ‘Require Answer to Question’ to force respondents to select an option before continuing on in the survey. You can also choose to display an error message if the respondent tries to proceed without answering the question.

The default error message is set to “This question requires an answer,” but you can change it by typing over it or deleting it to show no message.

Display Format

This setting changes the way that multiple choice/image choice question answer choices are displayed to the respondent. You can choose from the following formats:

  • Vertical buttons, with one, two, three, or 4 columns
  • Horizontal buttons
  • Drop Down (for a single response question) or select box (for a multiple response question)

Sort Type

Use the ‘Sort Type’ drop down menu to decide how you want your response choices to be sorted.

  • Sort Type-None
    No Sort Type is the default sort option, and will leave your response choices in the order you entered them into your survey

  • Sort Type- Alphabetical
    This option will automatically display your response choices in alphabetical order

  • Sort Type-Randomize
    This option will randomize your response choices so that each respondent will see them in a different order. This protects your survey data from the effects of survey fatique and location bias.


You can choose to add a sub-form to single and multiple response multiple choice questions that will pop-up after the respondent selects an answer. Simply select a previously created form to add.

For more on creating forms, please see Forms & Subforms.

Change Question Size & Placement

You can change how each individual question looks in your survey.

  • Question Placement: allows you to choose whether you would like the question to start on its own line or appear next to the previous question.
  • Question Width: changes how much of the page your question will cover. Choose a higher percentage or fixed pixel amount to cover a larger space, or a lower amount to use less space.
  • Question Margin: adds more white space around and between questions.

N/A Column Heading

Adds a “not applicable” option for matrix questions. The default column heading is ‘N/A,’ but you can change it by simply typing over the text. The N/A column will remain the last column to the right of the table even if you apply a sort option.

Upload Images

Some question types will allow you to upload images that will appear next to your survey questions. Click the ‘Update Image List’ button, and then use the boxes to upload your images. Click each box to browse for images on your computer, and then click upload. To clear the image, click the x in the top right corner.


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