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Forms & Sub-Forms

Simplify your survey by creating custom forms that stand on their own or link to multiple choice survey questions. This can be helpful if you would like to collect data that corresponds to a question.  You build you forms separately and then tie them to survey question, so you can create standard templates that you can reuse for future surveys. You can also use forms on their own, if you would like to create a non-numbered form such as a mailing list, registration form or sweepstakes entry.


Please Note: While you will be able to view and sort the responses to your form questions, you will not be able to filter your reports by form question responses.


The default form size is 500 x 400, but you can change the size by entering a new number in the width or height box or by dragging the bottom or sides. Empty space on the form template will show up on your survey as white space, so it’s a good idea to resize it before you add it to your survey. Check the box labeled Automatically Adjust Box to Fit and the white space will be removed automatically.

You decide on the alignment when you drag and drop the individual questions to your form. To left align the form with the rest of your survey questions, make sure to drag the elements all the way to the left of the form creator box.

Form Elements

There are five different form elements that you can add to your form:

  1. Text Line: Creates a line of text that you can use as a question title or description..
  2. Input Box: Creates an open ended text box for survey respondents to input their own responses.
  3. Check Boxes: Creates a series of check boxes for respondents to select multiple (one or more) responses.
  4. Radio Buttons: Creates a series of radio buttons for respondents to select a single response
  5. Combo Box: Creates a drop down menu for respondents to select a single response. The advantage of using this element rather than a Radio Button is that it displays a long list of choices in a shorter, easier to read format. 


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