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Using Page Jumps to Qualify Respondents

You can use page jumps to qualify respondents for your survey. For example, if you only want females to take your survey, your first question should ask if the respondent is male or female. Create a rule that applies to the ‘male’ response, which automatically direct them to the end of the survey. If you want to add a message to explain to respondents why they do not qualify, you can add a page right before the end of the survey and add a descriptive text question, and jump respondents who don’t qualify to that page. There, you can insert your message, such as, “Sorry, you do not fit our criteria for this survey.” When respondents click yes, they will be taken to the end of your survey. Make sure to add a page jump to the last question so that respondents who are completing the rest of the survey don’t see this page. 

When viewing your report, you can easily filter out the male respondents by creating a female only filter (see How to Apply Filters). 

You can also create a separate qualification survey using an email subscription question, so only those that fit your qualification criteria will receive the survey (see example here.)