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Tips for Using Page Jumps

  • If you are creating a survey that is complex or will require a lot of different rules, it is best to plan out your survey on paper first. Decide if you will need to use simple or advanced logic so you will know how to organize your questions most efficiently.
  • Make sure that your survey is organized and final before applying logic, because if you reorder questions after logic is applied you may disable it.
  • If you want to add a special message to respondents who are skipped to the end of the survey, you can add a page right before the end of the survey and add a descriptive text question, and choose ‘Jump to’ instead of ‘End Survey.’ There, you can insert your message, such as, “Sorry, you do not fit our criteria for this survey.” When respondents click yes, they will be taken to the end of your survey. Make sure to add skip logic to the last question so that respondents who are completing the rest of the survey don’t see this page.