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Advanced Page Jumping

If you want your IF statement to include multiple conditions, you can add another condition by clicking the +Advanced Page Jump Rules link that appears below your first condition. You can then Add Conditions to your initial statement, or Add A New Rules Group.  By default, ‘AND’ will connect your conditions, meaning that all the conditions you select must apply for the logic to pass. However, you select ‘OR’ from the drop down menu, and if any  of the conditions you selected apply, the logic will pass.  You can also combine ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ conditions. When building complex rules, make sure that your rules don’t contradict each other. 
A complete IF/THEN statement is called a rules group. You can add multiple groups of rules to one page, but keep in mind that if a respondent’s answers match conditions set in more than one rule group, the first group would take precedence.


To reorder rules, simply grab the number in front of the rule and drag and drop it where you would like it to go.


STEP 1: In Q/A Mode, click the +Page Jump button that appears at the bottom right corner of every page in your survey. 
STEP 2: Click the  – (Minus) sign button to delete individual rules. To clear all rules on the page, click Clear All Rules.