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Editing A Survey With Responses

Once you have sent a survey out and begun collecting responses, you must be aware that editing your survey can affect your results.
The following changes can be made without affecting your results:
  • Changing the order of questions (Moving questions around on the page, or between pages)
  • Changing the wording of questions
  • Adding new questions.
These modifications should not be made once responses have been collected, as they will affect the integrity of the data and may cause existing responses to disappear from your reports:
  • Deleting questions: Once you delete a question, all of the responses that have been collected for that question will be permanently removed from the results 
  • Changing the question type: If you change the question type, for example from a radio button to a checkbox question, your responses will no longer appear in your reports.
  • Re-arranging response choices in a question: If you change the order of choices in a question, the responses will no longer correctly match up, resulting in data integrity issues. Responses are stored based on the location of the choice, not the name of the choice.


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