FAHB Odour Pollution Impact Survey
General Details

Welcome to the Fresh Air for Hout Bay (FAHB) Odour Pollution Impact Surveys. We are trying to determine the impact the odour pollution from Oceana's fishmeal factory has on our community. There are 4 sections to this survey - 1) general details, 2) health impact, 3) well-being impact, and 4) business impact. Please fill in as much information as possible, being truthful at all times. If a particular section is not relevant to you, simply click next at the bottom of the page and continue. Thank you for your help as we try to make a positive contribution to the sustainable growth of our community.


Please note that the questions in this survey have been developed for research purposes and in preparation for the public participation process of Oceana's Atmospheric Emissions License. No personal details will be shared, only a summary of the collective results. By checking this box, you give your consent for your information to be included in this research and for it to be shared with the relevant authorities.


Contact Information and Personal Details:


What is your relationship to Hout Bay


If you are a property owner or resident, please select the general area in Hout Bay where you live:


Are you registered on the Fresh Air for Hout Bay website?


Do you think the odour from Oceana’s fishmeal factory is a problem in Hout Bay?


How many people in your family or household are impacted by the odour?


Please describe the odour:


How often do you experience the odour?


How would you describe the intensity of the odour?


Do you think the odour compromises your Constitutional right to live in an environment that is not harmful to your health and well-being?

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